Site updated10/9/2023 10:45 PM
I have updated the colors and themed the scrollbar to be easier to read.

Asgard3 Upate 409610/26/2020 6:45 PM
Asgard3 has been updated to only support connecting offical battle.net clients with D2DV (BNLS ONLY), D2XP(BNLS ONLY), DRTL(BNLS ONLY) and W2BN(BNLS and Local Hashing)). It also now supports emnet and emnet using bnls with all clients working however DRTL is emnet BNLS only. Asgard3 will automatically pull the server.json file from bnetdocs to maintain an up to date listing of battle.net offical and unoffical servers as well as BNLS servers that are active. The linux version has had numerous improvements and fixed.

Asgard3 Upate 39128/17/2020 10:21 PM
Asgard3 has been updated to only support BNLS as well as to only use D2DV, D2XP or W2BN. I have also disabled auto reconnect and the saving of realm login information.

Added Supreme Ruler The Great War Trainer8/2/2017 7:28 PM
I have added the supreme ruler the great war trainer to the supreme ruler files page.

File clean up7/28/2017 3:06 PM
I have removed a lot of old files which are no longer relevant today.

Site Code Upgrade!4/26/2015 11:49 AM
The entire site is now WC3 HTML 4.01 and CSS valid. I fixed the issues regarding valid HTML 4.01 code by having mod_autoindex output as a HTMLTable instead of the default method.

Site Code Redesign!12/13/2013 2:49 AM
I have changed the code of the site you won't notice a big difference in the layout other than it now works the same across all broswers with the exception of some mobile broswers not much I can do about that. The entire site isn't WC4 HTML 4.01 compliant due to allowing apache to serve up directory information rather then using a php script to do it. Which means when viewing file directories the site will not be WC3 4.01 HTML valid. The entire site is WC3 CSS valid.

Added Asgard3 project page!12/13/2013 2:49 AM
I decided to create a nice project page for Asgard3. I may improve upon it in the future but for now I am happy with the way it has turned out. I may also create project pages for my other projects at a later time.

Some needed maintenance!10/31/2013 2:15 PM
Seeing as my Asus G73JH laptop died I am removed all the files on my website relating to it as they are no longer important to me. I have also removed a lot of my old projects which aren't relevant anymore.

Decided to do some work!2/18/2013 3:14 PM
Own3d.tv shutdown so no more game streaming for me. I have updated and removed some other links in the navigation menu other than that I haven't really seen a need to make any more changes to the website as it seems to work well enough for the purpose it serves.

Update - Chrome is the best!11/17/2011 4:44 PM
I've managed to fix most of the issues between all browsers, some minor features don't work exactly the same on all broswers for this website. I'll fix the minor issues over the next few weeks. If your wondering just how I want the website to look, feel and function then chrome is the broswer to use as it displays the website exactly how I want unlike internet explorer and firefox. This website will only display correctly on Internet Explorer 9 all other versions will not work very well. Firefox only has one issue which I will resolve before tackling anymore Internet Explorer issues.

Internet Explorer Is Crap11/16/2011 7:22 AM
My site works fine on both firefox and chrome, however, in internet explorer certain aspects of the website will not work correctly. This is because I don't feel like using an index script so I developed the site around apache's .htaccess, html, php and css (I basically hacked it together).

My New Site11/16/2011 7:22 AM
I have finished the basic layout and structure of my website and will start adding more things as time permits.

Under construction!!11/15/2011 7:22 PM
Starting work on my new site!