Getting Started Using Knight

To start using Knight, you need to set up Config.ini with the correct information.

Connection Information
0 = Hashes
1 = BNLS

Supported Products
Starcraft (STAR)
Starcraft Broodwar (SEXP)
Warcraft II (W2BN)
Diablo II (D2DV)
Diablo II: LoD (D2XP)
Warcraft III (WAR3)
Warcraft III: TFT (W3XP)

Flag Information
A (Administrator) is the master flag. It can add any flag in the flag system. Flag A is capable of adding A (Administrator), C (Config), D (Database), E (Auto Designate), L (Locked), N (Clan), X (Designate), Z (Zap)
D (Database) is the secondary database flag. It can set users flags to: S (Safelist), O (Operator), M (Features)
O (Operator) is the third database flag. It can set users flags to: I (Info), F (Friend), B (Auto Ban),

Flag A can add the flags flag D can add, and Flag D can add the flags O can add.

To set a user's flag, you simply do: .set username flags
If you want to take or add a flag to a user, you just put the flag in the flags
Example: .setuser Core ABF - If you want to remove AB and just have F, you do: .setuser Core AB

To set a user with a realm attached to the end of their name, you simply use setw, and to remove you use remw. Be sure to set the Realm in config.

Profile Manager
To use the Profile Manager, you need to have a folder in the main folder called "Profiles". Within the Profiles folder you need other folders with a specific profile name. Example: BotFolder\Profiles\
You can use this bot without the profile manager.

Other Information
To use multiline commands, here’s an example: .ban; ban core; setuser Bot A
All commands can be done internally with just adding a / infront of the command.
The universal trigger for Knight is ".." without the quotes. It will respond to your specified trigger and this one also for synchronization with other Knights.

Flag A Administrator

disconnect – disconnects the bot.
reconnect – disconnects then connects the bot.
quit – shutdown the bot.
setgroup, setg - sets a group specified flags.
remgroup, remg - removes a group from the group list.
zap - sets a user with Z flags regardless of what flags they have.
reset - resets stats of command "stats"
clansafelist - sets everyone in the clan to the flag S (will not update if they have any sort of access)
kickmember - removes a specificed user from your clan.

This flag pretains to the restrictions of the database flags. Read "Getting Started" to learn more about what this flag can set other users.

Flag B Auto-Ban

If a user is added B, they will not be able to join your channel. This is wildcarable.

Flag C Config

account – sets the specified username.
password – sets the specified password.
cdkey – sets the specified cdkey.
cdkeyexp – sets the specified expansion cdkey.
client – sets the specified product.
server – sets the specified server.
home – sets the specified home.
trigger – sets the specified trigger.
bnlsserver – sets the specified BNLS Server.
email – sets the specified e-mail.
whisper – sets if the bot should whisper back responses.

Flag D Database

safe – sets a user the S flag.

This flag pretains to the restrictions of the database flags. Read "Getting Started" to learn more about what this flag can set other users.

Flag E Auto-Designate

If a user is added Auto Designated, when they join the channel they will be automatically designated.

Flag F Friend

If a user is added Friend, they will not be kicked or banned from automated features.

Flag I Info

whoami, findme, a – finds your access.
status – sends you what is enabled or disabled.
finduser, find, f – finds a user’s access.
findext, finduserext, extu - find a user’s access with extended information.
findgroup, findg – finds a group’s access.
findgroupext, findgext, extg – finds a group’s access with extended information.
findattr – finds users with specified attribute.
findby – finds user added by a specific user.
findbyg, findbygrp – finds all users that belong to the specified group.
banned – lists everyone that has been banned.
  rem – removes a user from the bannedlist.
  clear – clears the bannedlist.
  count – sends you the count of the bannedlist.
  list – lists the users of the banned list.
ping – sends you the ping of the specificed user.
ver, version, about – sends you information of Knight.
clearqueue, cq – clears the queue.
lastwhisper – tells you the last person that has whispered the bot.
databasecount, dbcount – tells you how many people are in the database.
groupcount, grpcount – tells you how many people are in the group list.
listgroups – Lists all the groups in the group list.
uptime – Tells the connection/system uptime.
os – Gives information of the os Knight is running on.
stats – returns stats of various things
checkfriends, cf – returns anyone in the channel that is not safelisted or a friend
shamans – lists all the shamans in your clan
clancount, cc – returns the count of members in your clan.
claninfo, ci – returns the clan information of the specified user

Flag L Locked

If a user is added with Locked, their access cannot be changed, unless by a user that is a Administrator.

Flag M Management

ipban – bans a user if they are squelched.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
guardian, gd – guardian works as a point system. Certain actions add points to it's system. When a user reaches 3 points, they will be banned. Certain actions: high ping, #3 or higher in their name, short visits, joins and talks fast, etc.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
shortvisit, svt – bans a user if they leave before the specified time.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
  set – sets the time for shortvisit.
fastjtalk, fjt – will ban a user if they join the channel and say something within a set amount of time.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
  set – sets the time for fast join talk
lockdown, ld – bans any users who are not safelisted/friended in the channel.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
  msg - sets the message of the lockdown ban message.
spamban, sb – bans a user if they send 3 messages within 2500ms.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
remotechannel, rc – will set friended/safelisted users from being able to open the Warcraft 3 channel to public through whispering the message "open" to the bot.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
pingban, pb – will ban a user if the ping exceeds the set limit.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
  set – sets the time for pingban
sovereign, sov – things to deal with the Sovereign Network.
  status - responds back if Knight is connected to Sovereign.
  reconnect - reconnects to Sovereign..
featuresoff, featsoff – turns off all features of Knight.

Flag O Operator

ban, b – bans a specified user
kick, k – kicks a specified user
unban, u – unbans a specificed user
unbanlast, ubl – unbans the last person that was banned
say – says what you want it to
sweepban, sweep – sweeps through a channel banning every user in it.
block, ip – ignores the specified user.
friend – sets a user the F flag.
invite, inviteuser, claninvite - invites a specificed user into your clan.
clanprivate, cp - sets clanprivate either on or off.
  on - enables.
  off - disables.
accept - accepts a clan invitation.
deny - denys a clan invitation.

This flag pretains to the restrictions of the database flags. Read "Getting Started" to learn more about what this flag can set other users.

Flag S Safelisted

If a user is added S, they cannot be banned/kicked.

Flag X Designate

designate – designate a specified user
resign – resigns to designate.
giveops, op – designates and resigns all in one.
ddp – demotes all shamans in channel, designates specified user, and promotes all shamans that were demoted.
setrank - changes the clan rank of a specificed user.
  Peon - sets them as a peon.
  Grunt - sets them as a grunt.
  Shaman - sets them as a shaman.
join, j - tells the bot to join a specific channel

Flag Z Zapped

If a user is added with the flag Z, only an Administrator can remove this flag. Anyone with this flag will be banned on sight. This flag also overrides S.